The Mahogany Singing Tree to Reunite Children with Their Families

You are invited to contribute drawings to the Singing Tree to Reunite Children with Their Families collaborative mural in order to raise awareness about an injustice. 666 children were separated in 2018 from their families as they came to the United States to escape violence and poverty. The Immigration Service deported the parents and said they didn’t keep track of them.  It has come to light in December that ICE does have contact information, though the current administration has said that they will not make efforts to bring the children to their families.

We are co-creating a large visual statement that acknowledges the importance of each of the 666 children. The mural envisions the children reunited with their families.  In addition, we are raising money for Families Belong Together who have taken on the responsibility of reuniting the children, since the Federal government is not. (We changed from the ACLU because they are not as targeted on the issue of reuniting the children.)

This is a free project. If you can, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to for each submission, marked Mahogany ST. You can send a check made out to Unity Through Creativity to the address below. 50% will go to the Families Belong Together.

The Mahogany tree was chosen to honor in this Singing Tree because it grows in central America and is in danger, just as these children are in danger. 10% of the Project revenue will go to plant Mahogany trees in Central America through IGiveTrees.

What you can do:

  1. Make 5 images in the mahogany leaf template. Each leaf is a prayer for the well-being of a traumatized, innocent child. Think of what it would be like for your child to be taken from you or for you to be taken from your parents. Envision these children being reunited with their families and what that would feel like. Fill the space with color, shape, and messages that come from your heart. You can use colored pencils, ink, marker, glitter, natural objects, found objects, paint and words. Your fierceness, your imagination, your power is welcome here. Fill up all the white space. 
  2. Use the bird template or draw your own bird, flying or standing. Make your wish for the families who have been separated and the healing needed to overcome this trauma.
  3. Take a picture of or scan your leaves and birds and email them to We’ll print them out and assemble all the leaves and birds. Or you can cut them out and mail them to UTC, 936 B 7th St. #180, Novato, CA 94945.  You’ll be adding to the 90th Singing Tree Mural, an international project that focuses on the empowerment through imagination.