Inner Landscapes

Inner Landscapes

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

Inner Landscapes, Helen S. Faison Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PA

In face of unprecedented challenges, there is a tool we can give our children that is an important source of protection:  Finding strength within. That’s what art allows.  Exploring  inner space – the place to get in touch with the endless flow of ideas and deepest values, the place to focus on the miracle of existence that connects all living things.

Inner Landscapes are a way to express the knowledge and wisdom that lies in our hearts and souls. It can be used with any age and any type of community,  allowing people to focus on inner strengths, passions and dreams. 

Inner Landscapes by students at the San Rafael, Ca. Girls & Boys Club

85 Third Grade Students made Inner Landscapes and “I Am” Poems in an Arts Integration Project at Hamilton Meadows Elementary School, Novato, California.

Inner Landscapes made by Marin Oaks High School, Novato, California

UTC joined Upward Bound and the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Worldview Literacy Curriculum to create inner landscapes with young people from Oakland, CA whose families have never been to college.  The teens painted wooden cut-outs of themselves with their spark, their joys, their talents, their values and their passions.

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