Misty Forsman, PHD

Misty Forsman, PHD

Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors

Misty Forsman

An entrepreneur and media maven, Misty is founder of Glastonbury Press. She helped to bring the TV show Barney to the public and has helped to create business empires using books which wrapped around and through a business, which she calls Bookification™. This is the concept: give readers, listeners and viewers access to real wisdom of the world from successful entrepreneurs; and help leaders get their messages out to as many people as possible via technology. 

Her specialties include over thirty years of expertise in publishing both non-fiction and children’s books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, video, film, lithography, film, TV production, interactive projects and apps.

She also applies neuroscience through energy coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, and authors.  Working out of San Rafael, California, her clients are on four continents.