Dan Dennehy, PHD

Dan Dennehy

Vice President, Board of Directors

An innovative business man and university professor, Dan is dedicated to life-long adult learning and values-based branding.  He is a co-founder of Know OTB, which completes independent evaluation of complex opportunities (or problems) and provides re-framing “fresh-eye” recommendations. His team works as outsiders with a clean slate, without an insider-bias, addressing difficult opportunity sets with fresh-eyes and novel insight. They traffic in ambiguity, complexity, and risk, bringing new perspectives to reframe market challenges and create alternative pathways to move forward.

Dan has been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Waynesburg College for over 21 years. His commitment is to adult lifelong learning, motivation to learn, and behavior while learning.  He is currently getting a PHD at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Comparative Studies. Raised in Puerto Rico, Dan is fluent in Spanish and has a deep appreciation of multiple cultures.