The Mahogany Singing Tree to Reunite Children with Their Families

You are invited to contribute drawings to the Mahogany Singing Tree to Reunite Children with Their Families collaborative mural in order to raise awareness about the 368 children who are still separated from their families.  They came to the United States to escape violence and poverty and were separated at the US/Mexico border.  This subset of children are symbolic of the 5700 children who were separated.

We are co-creating a large visual statement that acknowledges the importance of each of the children. The mural envisions the children reunited with their families.  In addition, we are raising $25,000 for KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) who are working on reuniting the children. KIND has reunited 1100 families to date.

The Mahogany tree was chosen to honor in this Singing Tree because it grows in central America and is in danger, just as these children are in danger. 2000 Mahogany trees have been planted in Guatemala through IGiveTrees.

On Sat., Sept. 11, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, you are invited to join Unity Through Creativity Foundation and Redesign Trainings  to makes leaves and birds to complete the Mahogany Singing Tree.  Instructions will be given every hour on the hour. You can make your tax-deductible donation here marked Mahogany ST or on Facebook You can send a check made out to Unity Through Creativity to 936 B 7th St. #180, Novato, CA, 94945.

Print out the templates below and follow the instructions:

  1. Make 5 images in the mahogany leaf template. Each leaf is a prayer for the well-being of a traumatized, innocent child. Think of what it would be like for your child to be taken from you or for you to be taken from your parents. Envision these children being reunited with their families and what that would feel like. Fill the space with color, shape, and messages that come from your heart. You can use colored pencils, ink, marker, glitter, natural objects, found objects, paint and words. Your fierceness, your imagination, your power is welcome here. Fill up all the white space.  Write what the symbolism of your image means on the back.
  2. Use the bird template or draw your own bird, flying or standing. Make your wish for the families who have been separated and the healing needed to overcome this trauma. You can also choose to make an image that express your love of Family. Write what the symbolism of your image means on the back.
  3. Take a picture of or scan your leaves, birds and what your symbols mean. Then email them to We’ll print them out and assemble all the leaves and birds. Or you can cut them out and mail them to UTC, 936 B 7th St. #180, Novato, CA 94945.  Just be sure you include a written description of what your symbols mean. You’ll be adding to the 90th Singing Tree Mural, an international project that focuses on the empowerment through imagination.

The Mango Singing Tree of Peace Goes to Pakistan

On Jan. 22, Lynn Chittick, founder of the Torch Family, left for Pakistan to bring programs in Peace, Health, Environment and Technology. She had the first Mango Singing Tree of Peace Kit tucked in her suitcase. After 17 hours in the immigration office, she received a visa and has begun her program.

Leaves and Birds with images of Peace will be added by children and adults in Pakistan.

The Princess of Hope in the bottom right of the painting is a rock formation in Pakistan.

Partnering with Torch

Unity Through Creativity (UTC) is partnering with a wholistic Peace organization called the Torch Family to bring the Singing Tree Project to other countries. TORCH’s concept of four pillars of – Peace, Health, Environment and Technology – reflects Unity Through Creativity’s mission to unite people through creativity, collaboration and communication. 

To kick off the New Year, UTC will be sponsoring a fundraiser for an educational exchange between children in Marin County, CA and Sindh, Pakistan on Jan. 12, 2020 at Urban Remedy in San Rafael. Torch’s program in Pakistan will be focused on Eco-inspired Living, Organic Farming, Heirloom Seeds and Collaborative Art with the Singing Tree Project.