The Restorative Justice Singing Tree, with AIMS High School students, Oakland, CA

Unity Through Creativity –
Where Imagination Empowers Us

Our Mission is Peace Building Through Art – Inspired by Nature!

                               We draw upon Nature’s model which nurtures diversity                      and endlessly innovates.
We stand for Inclusion, Justice, and Self-Reflection 

Our Vision is to engage youth, adults, and elders in peace-building programs grounded in creativity, compassion, and connection; using the Arts to transform community, heal heartbreak, and spark innovation. 
Now Certifying Singing Tree Facilitators
Co-Heart #4 starts Nov.
13, 14, 2021


The words “Every Breath a Prayer, Every Day a Ceremony” on the banner of the website were spoken by Indigenous Scholar and Musician, Lyla June Johnston, at the Radical Love and Social Imagination Conference, University of Texas, Austin

The Singing Tree of Climate Solutions, Ukiah High School, 2018

“These students (from Ukiah High School) aren’t afraid to dig deep to find ancient archetypical symbols that have contemporary resonance. It feels both fairy-tale like and very deep, like biblical wisdom. It’s amazing what young people can do when encouraged to fully express themselves.”

Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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