Unity Through Creativity works with hospitals to transform hospital walls into healing environments generated by the staff, patients and their families. It offers anti-burnout programs and healing creative experiences for patients.

Unity Through Creativity’s involvement with hospital arts began in the Aids epidemic in New York City in the 70’s.  Margaret Baco combined her nursing skills with artistic passion to  honor patients through drawing their portraits and recording their stories.  She continued this practice at in Pittsburgh, PA, working in Orthopedic Trauma, Neurology, Head Injury; and Liver Transplantation units. She carried out a study that saw an increase in the immune system of patients receiving this quality of attention as well as generating art that envisioned their health.  For three decades, Margaret has brought imagination and connection to people at the height of their suffering.

Drawing by Margaret Baco

Unity Through Creativity murals have been taken to the lobby’s of hospitals in Virginia and Pennsylvania.