Laurie Marshall, MA, Founder,                                                                                            President, Unity Through Creativity Foundation

Laurie is a passionate artist and educator who has empowered young people through creative collaboration for over 35 years.  With a B.A. from Antioch College in history and education, and an M.A. in art and education from Beacon College, she has worked as a certified K-12 art and secondary social studies teacher in mostly under-served communities. In addition, she’s used visual art, mural making, drama and storytelling in consensus building, leadership training, conflict prevention and values clarification with government organizations, schools and businesses.

The founder of the Singing Tree Project, she has facilitated over 90 murals throughout the United States and in Bosnia and Canada.

Margaret Baco, RN, Director and Founder, Grounding Lab                                          Vice President, Unity Through Creativity Foundation

Margaret is the founder of the Grounding Lab Studio at the Spartan Center in Hazelwood, offering cutting-edge experiences in restoring, expressing and connecting to an under-served community.

For 40 years, she worked to bring Holistic Nursing Practices to the
Allegheny General Hospital, Orthopedic Trauma; The Rehabilitation Institute, Neurology, Head Injury; UPMC, Liver Transplantation ICU; and Roosevelt Hospital, HIV, Cardiac Care ICU.

Having studied Art Therapy at the New York School for Social Research and drawing and painting at the Art Student’s League (New York), Margaret brings the power of visualization and relaxation into her expressive art’s studio experience. As an artist, her ability to draw the human figure and convey a range of deep human emotion is coupled with a profound connection to the natural world. The life and death seriousness of nursing informs her art, as does her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

She brings heart, care, scientific skill and imagination to the team.

Misty Forsman, Publisher                                                                         Secretary/Treasurer, Unity Through Creativity Foundation

Misty Forsman

Misty has over thirty years of expertise in publishing both non-fiction and children’s books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, video, film, lithography, film, and TV production.  Along with business development consulting, she uses neuroscience for energy coaching to individuals, entrepreneurs, and authors. She adores marketing, innovation and creativity to generate sales. The mission of Unity Through Creativity Foundation aligns with her dedication to support organizations that strive to bring out the best in humanity.

Lili Lopez, Community Artist

Lili inspires all those who join in the collaborative painting process to let go and play.  As a graduate of Arts and Ethics Academy in Santa Rosa, she has pursued her skill as an artist and as an educator.

Fluent in Spanish, she specializes in trauma-informed approaches with young people. Her expertise is in collaborative murals painting. She has helped to facilitate over 25 murals with K-12 students over the Bay area.