Laurie Marshall, MA, Founder

President, Board of Directors

For 35 years, author, speaker and artist Laurie has empowered youth and adults through creative collaboration. She practices Peace Building through Art, inspired by Nature. A visionary educator, she has served mostly low-income children, families and their schools as an Arts Integration and Project Based Learning specialist.  Her mission is to nurture creativity, a love of learning and a collaborative spirit.
              In addition, she’s a certified Conversational Intelligence coach and Peace Ambassador. With a B.A. from Antioch College in history and education, and an M.A. in art and education from Beacon College, she is a certified K-12 art and secondary social studies teacher.  She has used visual art and storytelling in consensus building, leadership training and conflict prevention with government organizations, schools and businesses, including FEMA, NASA, the U.S. Botanical Gardens, George Washington University, Sonoma State and the Army Corps of Engineers.   She is based in Novato, California.

Dan Dennehy, PHD

Vice President, Board of Directors

An innovative business man and university professor, Dan is dedicated to life-long adult learning and values-based branding.  He is a co-founder of KnowOTB, which completes independent evaluation of complex opportunities (or problems) and provides reframing “fresh-eye” recommendations. His team works as outsiders with a clean slate, without an insider-bias, addressing difficult opportunity sets with fresh-eyes and novel insight. They traffic in ambiguity, complexity, and risk,  bringing new perspectives to reframe market challenges and create alternative pathways to move forward.               

Dan has been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Waynesburg College for over 21 years. His commitment is to adult lifelong learning, motivation to learn, and behavior while learning.  Raised in Puerto Rico, he is fluent in Spanish.

Misty Forsman, PHD

Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors

An entrepreneur and media maven, Misty is founder of Glastonbury Press. She helped to bring the TV show Barney to the public and has helped to create business empires using books which wrapped around and through a business, which she calls Bookification™. This is the concept: give readers, listeners and viewers access to real wisdom of the world from successful entrepreneurs; and help leaders get their messages out to as many people as possible via technology. 

Her specialties include over thirty years of expertise in publishing both non-fiction and children’s books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, video, film, lithography, film, TV production, interactive projects and apps.

She also applies neuroscience through energy coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, and authors.  Working out of San Rafael, California, her clients are on four continents.

Doretha Howard White, MA

At-Large Board Member

Doretha is a visionary educator and entrepreneur, inspiring young adults and other women entrepreneurs. She has been a classroom teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, a curriculum writer, a teacher development specialist, and a college professor.

Currently living in Atlanta, she and her husband, Michael White, founded Dream Big Youth Travel, Inc, which hosts about 2500 low-income K-12 students each school year all across the U.S., visiting nearly 70 college campuses.

 Doretha’s passion for supporting innovation in service and business has grown into her own brand of projects including coaching female-owned startups, publishing, online course writing and production, and philanthropy.  She is pursuing a PHD in Curriculum Studies from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA.


Margaret Baco, RN

Founder and Director, The  Grounding Lab
Artist Facilitator

Margaret has been in the forefront of arts and medicine for 40 years. She brings the power of visualization and relaxation into the Grounding Lab, an expressive arts studio which serves Hazelwood, Pennsylvania. She has worked to bring Holistic Nursing Practices to the Allegheny General Hospital Orthopedic Trauma Unit, the Rehabilitation Institute, Neurology and Head Injury unit; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Liver Transplantation Unit and ICU; New York  City’s Roosevelt Hospital’s HIV and Cardiac Care ICU.
        The life and death seriousness of nursing informs her art, as does her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. As an artist, her ability to draw the human figure and convey a range of deep human emotion is coupled with a profound connection to the natural world. Having studied Art Therapy at the New York School for Social Research, and The Art Student’s League in New York, Margaret brings care, scientific skill and imagination to the team.

Lili Lopez

Artist Facilitator

Lili is an artist who is raising her three teenage sisters. As a graduate of The Arts and Ethics Academy in Santa Rosa, California, she inspires those who join in the collaborative painting to let go, experiment and have confidence in their creativity. Fluent in Spanish, she specializes in trauma-informed approaches with young people. Her expertise is in collaborative murals and portrait painting.  She has co-facilitated over 35 murals in the San Francisco Bay area.

Wanda Whitaker

Artist Facilitator and Marketing Specialist

A visionary painter and Spiritual Activist, Wanda also has over 27 years of experience in cause-related marketing.  She helps marketers meet their objectives through sales promotion, events, social media and other initiatives through incorporating a cause. Additionally, she serves nonprofit agencies by developing marketing strategies and soliciting corporate sponsors/partners for projects and events. She is based in Pacifica, California
Clients have included:
. Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA)
. American Airlines
. Southwest Airlines
. Snapple Beverage Company
. SoBe
. Sony Electronics
. Kaiser Permanente
. Schieffelin & Sommerset
. Guinness UDV

Shari Karn Mastalski, MS

Artist Facilitator

With a Master of Science in Sustainable Systems (MS3), Shari is an attuned dancer, adept in ways that the earth knows, creating movement stories that seem to move like nature herself, called ~ She Dances on Water.  These stories told through words and movement demonstrate powerful ways to discover hidden aspects of our imagination.  Shari has collaborated with us to develop movement programs that are tools for community-building arts-centered dialogue. Her connection with InterPlay fuels her passion to engage everyone in a Movement ~ Movement by setting Dreams in Motion. This artist, and scientist, skilled in horticulture and organic gardening, shares the vision of bringing innovative approaches in education and collaborative art to bear on social, economic, and environmental issues.