"The Singing Tree of Climate Solutions" made by students at Ukiah High School, CA 2019

We Empower Youth and Adults through
Creative Expression and Collaboration

Our Mission is to educate adults and children about the power of Creativity to shed light on humanity's common experience. We support the arts as a vehicle for communication, healing and unity, while promoting an interdisciplinary approach to Creativity.

Self-reflection through Visual Arts, Story-Telling, Writing and other Art Forms leads to more Connection. That’s what happens in our programs.

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“These students (from Ukiah High School) aren’t afraid to dig deep to find ancient archetypical symbols that have contemporary resonance. It feels both fairy-tale like and very deep, like biblical wisdom. It’s amazing what young people can do when encouraged to fully express themselves.”

Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The Restorative Justice Singing Tree", AIMS High School, Oakland, CA 2020

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